सन - 1917 से विश्‍वास का प्रतीक

दी गोपालगंज सेंट्रल को - ऑपरेटिव बैंक लि.

गोपालगंज (बिहार) फोन नं. : 06156-224636, 224804

निबंधन सं. 158 दि. 25.07.1917

लाइसेंस नं. सं. ग्रा. ऋ. वि. जि. के. स. ब / पैट - 13/2011.12 दि. 31.01.2012

आई. एफ. सी. कोड नं. - IBKL01011GC


Non Farm Sectors

1. Personal Loan

(For Salary Earners)

Rate Of Interest
12% Quarterly Compound
1 % Less for Staff

2. Housing Loan

9% Quarterly Compound
10% Quarterly Compound
11% Quarterly Compound (1% less for staff)

3. Vehicle Loan

Rate of Interest
12% Quarterly Compound (1% less for Staff)

4. Cash Credit

(For Business Man)

Rate of Intrest
12% Quarterly Compound

5. Micro Loan

(For Smal traders Like vegitable seller, Tea Shopkeeper etc, Up to 50000.00)

Monthly Income Scheme for fixed Period of 6 Year
12% Quarterly Compound

6. I.B.Loan

(only for Staff)

Rate of Interest

7. clean Cash Creadit

(for co-operative societies)

8. Housing Loan Godown

(For Construction of godown through PACS)

9. Consumer Durrable Loan

10. Loan Against Deposit

(only for depositors of the Bank up to 25% of their deposit)

11. Loan Against NSC/KVP

(As per face value according to period)