सन - 1917 से विश्‍वास का प्रतीक

दी गोपालगंज सेंट्रल को - ऑपरेटिव बैंक लि.

गोपालगंज (बिहार) फोन नं. : 06156-224636, 224804

निबंधन सं. 158 दि. 25.07.1917

लाइसेंस नं. सं. ग्रा. ऋ. वि. जि. के. स. ब / पैट - 13/2011.12 दि. 31.01.2012

आई. एफ. सी. कोड नं. - IBKL01011GC

Welcome to The Gopalganj Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd.

The Gopalganj Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd. popularly known as DCCB Gopalganj is a cooperative banking network established in 1917 in Gopalganj District of Bihar to serve cooperatives and rural areas. It was established to provide banking to rural hinterland for agriculture sector with the branches primarily established at rural and semi-urban areas of Gopalganj District.

The bank is also providing highest rates of interest to it’s depositors on Savings, Recurring, Term Deposits, MIS etc. As per policy of the bank, the bank employs all of it’s funds locally, thus lending a helping hand in financial development of the region, unlike other commercial banks. The bank has started mobilizing deposits successfully amongst the people of lowest economic tier by introducing Daily Deposit Scheme .


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